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Special Needs Registry

The Special Needs Registry is voluntary and free of charge. It is available to any resident with a special need that emergency responders should be aware of, including but not limited to, wheelchair-bound elderly residents; a young child with autism; a military veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or an insulin dependent diabetic or a person allergic to bee stings.
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Firearms Application & Registration System(FARS)

FARS is taking the place of the STS 033 form. Applicants can apply for all the same options as the paper application form.
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Mission Statement

The Berkeley Township Police Department, as part of the community we serve, is committed to protect, preserve, and safeguard the constitutional and civil rights of all citizens. We are dedicated to providing quality policing services, maintaining order, and enforcing the law impartially and equitably. We will perform our duties with due regard to ethical behavior and professional conduct while ensuring that all receive quality service. By working together with the community we serve, we can enhance the quality of life for all citizens