Purchasing Agent

Gerd Trommer, Purchasing Agent
(732) 244-7400 ext 1228

Public Contracting Ordinance 13-28-OAB

Required RFP Documents




(Ocean County, New Jersey)

Bids are being solicited through a fair and open process in accordance with N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5 for the purchase of $6,935,500 Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2021A (the “Notes”) of the Township of Berkeley, in the County of Ocean, New Jersey (the “Township”).  All bids will be publicly opened and announced at the office of the Township’s Municipal Advisor, Phoenix Advisors, LLC (the “Municipal Advisor”), on behalf of the Township’s Chief Financial Officer on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, at 11:00 a.m., prevailing local time (“Sale Date”).   Full Notice
Schedule A

       PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Township of Berkeley hereby solicits proposals for CARDIOLOGIST. Sealed proposals must be submitted to the Township Purchasing Agent on or before May 12, 2021, at or before 10:00 a.m. Proposals may be submitted in person at the Municipal Building, 627 Pinewald-Keswick Road, Bayville, New Jersey, or sealed proposals may be mailed in advance to the attention of the Purchasing Agent, Township of Berkeley, 627 Pinewald-Keswick Road, P.O. Box B, Bayville, New Jersey, 08721. All proposals must be contained in a sealed envelope with the names and addresses of the parties submitting the proposals and marked Sealed Proposal and the position sought.

            Any persons having questions should contact Gerd Trommer, Purchasing Agent, at 732-244-7400 X 1228, at the Berkeley Township Municipal Building, 627 Pinewald-Keswick Road, Bayville, New Jersey, 08721. The proposal documents are available on the Township’s website or from the Township Purchasing Agent, Gerd Trommer.

            Persons awarded a Contract under these procedures are required to comply with the requirements of Business Entity Disclosure Certification, Equal Employment Opportunity Laws and Regulations, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Public Law 2004 Chapter 19, New Jersey Local Unit Pay to Play Law N.J.S. 19:44A-20.4, et seq., and the New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditure Reporting Act (N.J.S.A. 19:44-1, et seq.) as well as the Berkeley Township Ordinance Section 2-92.1 governing professional services.

The Township of Berkeley reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive informalities as the interest of the Township of Berkeley may require.  The Township of Berkeley is not responsible for loss or destruction of any bids mailed or delivered to the Purchasing Agent prior to the time set for bid opening.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE        Notice is hereby given that Addendum #1 has been issued for the Proposed New Concession Stand and Toilets at Veterans Park in Berkeley Township, New Jersey. The bid opening has been extended and sealed bids will be opened and read to the public at the Berkeley Township Municipal Building, 627 Pinewald-Keswick Road on May 27, 2021 at 2:00 p.m., prevailing time.
     Specifications and plans or any additional information may be obtained at the office of the architect, Yezzi Associates, LLC. during regular business hours, 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday upon proper notice. The Contract Documents may be purchased in the office of the Architect for the non-refundable sum payment of a non-refundable fee $150.00 per physical set or a flash drive for $50.00 (check, certified check, or money order), payable to the Architect. If bidding documents are to be mailed, the Architect must receive a Federal Express, UPS or Express Mail Account number for mailing; Bidder’s complete street address, phone and fax numbers; a $25.00 handling charge.
     Bidders are required to comply with the requirements of N.J.S.A.10:5-31 et seq. and P.L. 1975 C. 127 (N.J.A.C. 17:27-1 et seq.) and P.L. 1997, c.408 (N.J.S.A. 40A: 11-16).
     Bid Security in the amount of 10% of the total bid shall be supplied in the form of a Certified Check, Cashier’s Check or Bid Bond, but not in excess of $20,000.00
     Project Schedule: Project to be completed within 150 calendar days of Notice to Proceed. Project to have a Liquidating Damage Clause of $500.00 per day after date of Contract completion. Project to start on or about June 7, 2021
The right to reject any and all bids is reserved in accordance with applicable law.
Signed: GERD TROMMER       Berkeley Township Purchasing Agent