Streets & Roads

Division Of Streets And Roads - (732) 349-4616

  • Maintenance and repair all public roads within the boundaries of the Township.
  • Maintenance and repair all sidewalks, curbs, gutters and encroachments controlled by the Township in accordance with Township Ordinances.
  • Grading gravel roads on an as needed basis.
  • Provide Snow Removal services and sanding/salting of all public Township Roads.
  • Plan and implement public capital improvements for parks, beaches and recreation areas.
  • Maintenance all signage in Berkeley Township.
  • Maintenance and repair storm drainage systems.
  • Oversees all overlay and drainage projects.
  • Inspection of all street openings by utility companies.
  • Grass cutting on shoulders and Township right-of-ways.
  • Various in-house construction and drainage projects.
  • Storm Water Management.

Our Clean Community Program allows us to give different organizations the opportunity to raise money for their group and adopt a road, which helps to keep our community clean.

Division Of Equipment Maintenance – (732) 349-3766

The Division of Equipment Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance and repair of vehicles within the following departments: Streets/Roads, Parks/Beaches/Recreation, Solid Waste Collection/Recycling, Police Department, Fire Departments and Office of Emergency Management.