Department of Treasury, Finance and Collection
Christine J. Manolio  Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
Phone: (732) 244-7400 ext 1229- Fax: (732) 736-1747

Angela M. Jimenez, Assistant Treasurer
Phone (732) 244-7400 ext 1233 - Fax (732) 736-1747

The head of the Department of Treasury, Finance and Collection is the Chief Financial Officer and Township Treasurer. The head of the department supervises and directs all of the operations within the Department of Treasury, Finance and Collection.

The Department of Treasury, Finance and Collection encompasses the centralized municipal finance organization. It provides the framework for the financial support of the Township departments and statutory agencies and also assists in providing cost effective services to the taxpayers as well as maintains the central books of account to the Township.

The major financial functions of the department include tax collection, accounting, cash management, internal auditing, payroll, debt management and accounts payable. The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for general financial matters such as bond issuance, investments, revenue analysis, and budget monitoring, to name a few.
Budgets, Audits and Financial Statements

Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable division of the Department of Treasury, Finance and Collection is a centralized operation responsible for the following:

  • Processing of invoices for payment:
  • Assisting in the resolution of vendor issues
  • Check printing and distribution
  • Centrally controlled vendor files
  • 1099 processing
  • Vendor payment history

Since each department is responsible for requesting payment of invoices for their respective areas, all vendor questions should be directed to the department that ordered said service and/or product. To expedite the research, please have available detailed information such as: the vendor number, date, amount, and purchase order number. If the situation has not been resolved after contacting the department's representative, then contact the Department of Treasury, Finance and Collection.

Accounts Payable Check Cutting Policy
The Finance Department only issues checks on the Wednesday following Council meetings. In order to guarantee the availability of checks, the appropriate departments must have vouchers/purchase orders to Accounts Payable no later than the Thursday preceding the Council meeting.

Processes and administers the Township's payroll for all departments.

The role of the Payroll staff is to process and administer payroll-related services to employees and retirees, including:

  • Ensure that employees are compensated at the rate of pay associated with the position.
  • Make voluntary payroll deductions as requested by employees.
  • Administration of the State's pension for the employees of the Township of Berkeley.
  • Related tax reporting.