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Bingo and Raffle applications are sent by the Township Clerk to the State on a weekly basis on Fridays, applications along with rules and regulations can be found at the link below. Please keep mind when applying for the license the Clerk by Statute has to hold the application for two weeks before issuing the License. All Rules and Regulations regarding conducting Bingos and Raffles can be found here.

Landlord Registration
Any property owner renting a home in Berkeley Township must be registered as a Landlord as per New Jersey State Statue: Landlord Registration Form

Mercantile Licensing
The Berkeley Township Council has established an ordinance to License all Businesses within the Township. The purpose of this ordinance is to require the licensing of any person, firm, corporation, partnership or other entity engaging in, conducting or operating any business within the limits of the Township of Berkeley  shall be required to secure a license for any business conducted or operated and to pay annually a fee to the Township of Berkeley for a license to conduct or carry on the business or operation.  Click here for the Ordinance Establishing Mercantile Licenses
Application and online payment

Taxi CabRegulations are located in Chapter VIII of the Berkeley Township Municipal Code

Towing License
Regulations are located in Chapter V specifically 5.3 of the Berkeley Township Municipal Code
Towing License Application

Limousine License Application

Yard/Garage Sales

Anyone wishing to have a garage/yard sale in Berkeley Township must obtain a permit from the Clerk's Office.

  1. You are allowed two sales per calendar year (January-December)
  2. Each sale may be for two (2) consecutive days
  3. The first sale in the year you have is free (written permit is required from the Clerk's Office)
  4. The second sale you have within a calendar year is $5.00
  5. You must be the property owner to obtain the permit with valid identification and proof of property ownership
  6. If You are not the property owner you must present a letter to the Township Clerk from the property owner with the following information:
    1. Property Owners Name and Legal Address and a legible photo copy of the owners valid identification
    2. The Name and address of the person who is obtaining the permit
    3. The address of where the sale is to be held
    4. The date(s) of the sale.
    5. A short statement granting permission as the property owner for the Berkeley Township Municipal Clerk to issue the Yard/garage sale permit for their property to the person who comes to the Clerk's office.
See Chapter 5-7 of Berkeley Township’s Municipal Code


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